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About us
”Kinneveds hembygdsförening” = the local historical society of Kinneved parish. Kinneved is situated 10 km south of Falköping town in Västra Götaland, Sweden. In the area is the village Kinnarp-Slutarp. We have some megalitic tombs and a 12th century church. The population is about 2,000.

About the web site
At our web site you can, for example, find the following:

  • ”Kinnevedsfolk” is a compilation from the church books of almost every person who lived here between 1713 and 1965, their families and what happened to them. The material is diveded into pdf files according to at which place the persons lived. Look at the contents board in the pdf file ”Inledning” to find the place you´re looking for. There is also a register of the persons with a page reference.
  • In ”Födda” = born, and ”Döda” = dead, you´ll find plain transcripts from the church books.
  • At ”Våra grannar” = our neighbours, you´ll find the same as ”Kinnevedsfolk” for our neighbour parishes Brismene, Luttra and Vårkumla.
  • ”Gravstensinventering” is about the church yards of Kinneved, Brismene and Vårkumla with photos of all tomb stones and information about the buried.
  • ”Skolfoton” = school pictures, and ”Konfirmationsfoton = confirmation pictures. Here you´ll find photos of classes from about 1895 to 1975.
  • ”Program” = calender. Here we write about the activities we´ve planned for the year.

Please contact us if there´s anything you want to know! hbf@kinneved.se

If you are interested in genealogy and want to study for example ”Kinnevedsfolk” you need to know some Swedish words and abbreviations:
  • f = född = born
  • d (in front of date) = död = dead
  • d (in front of name) = dotter = daughter
  • dtr (at the end of a name - for example Andersdtr) = dotter = daughter
  • s = son = son
  • gm = gift med = married to
  • från = from
  • till = to

All numbers in italics means that you can read about the person in question on that page too.

All dates are written as YYYYMMDD.


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